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The main ingredients are Comfrey leaves and roots (Symphytum officinale) which contain a substance called Allantoin that encourages cell growth and is easily absorbed through the skin. The addition of tea tree oil has improved upon the antiseptic properties of the Comfrey.

Our Comfrey Cream is manufactured by a Cosmetics Firm in Scotland and is formulated to the highest standards.

Favorite uses:

  • Scalds and Burns
Comfrey Cream is my favorite remedy for minor scalds or burns like you get in the kitchen. It is amazing how quickly Comfrey Cream relieves the pain and usually prevents blistering too.

"Our plumber burned himself when he leaned his arm against a pipe he was welding so I gave him some Comfrey Cream to put on it. The next time he was here, he told me he couldn't believe how fast it healed and never blistered. Now he carries a jar in his truck."
.... Bob Boeckman, Honeoye Falls, NY

  • Minor Scrapes and Cuts
Comfrey Cream is soothing and aids in the healing process. Be sure to thoroughly clean the wound before applying the cream because the accelerated healing could trap foreign matter at the wound site. Do not use on deep wounds, because the external application of Comfrey can lead to tissue forming over the wound before it is healed deeper down, possibly leading to abscesses.
  • Ladies only!
Comfrey Cream is wonderfully soothing on freshly shaved legs.

  • For our Pets
Use for "hot spots" on dogs or cats but rub in thoroughly so the animal doesn't lick it off.

Foals often get hairless lesions or so-called "phantom scars" in the protected groove on the outsides of their hocks. These can get very raw but if cleaned thoroughly and Comfrey Cream rubbed in, they will heal up nicely. Covering the cream with either the Comfrey Powder or the Marigold Powder is also recommended as the powder effectively "seals in" the cream and keeps dirt out.

WARNING: External Use Only. Consuming this product can cause serious liver damage. This product contains comfrey. Comfrey contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which may cause serious illness or death. This product should not be taken orally or used as a suppository. For further information contact the Food and Drug Administration: http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov

Large Comfrey Cream, 200 gr (7 oz) $16.00
Small Comfrey Cream, 80 gr (3 oz) $9.00