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The main ingredient (25%) is Marigold petals (Calendula officinalis). We have also added tea tree oil* to enhance the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties of the Marigold.

Since some people don't like the odor of tea tree oil, we've also formulated the Marigold Cream without the tea tree oil.

Our Marigold Cream is manufactured by a Cosmetics Firm in Scotland and is formulated to the highest standards. In addition, our cream contains a higher percentage of Marigold (Calendula officinalis) than other manufacturers creams.

You can't go wrong with Vine Herbal Marigold Cream.

Favorite uses:

  • Everyday hand cream
Marigold Cream is moisturizing, non-greasy, soothing, and naturally antiseptic care for your skin. Nurses and gardeners use it not only to keep their skin soft but to inhibit fungus infections under the nails. It is also helps prevent cracking of dry skin.
  • Minor wound cream
The naturally anti-septic properties of Marigold Cream make it an obvious choice for minor cuts and bruises, bites, and skin irritations such as diaper rash because it is soothing to the skin. Marigold Cream has also been used for psoriasis, athlete's foot, acne and ringworm. A very useful product, indeed!

The use of Marigold Cream is not restricted to people. It works equally well for wounds on cats, dogs, rabbits, or any other pet, including horses.

  • For Horses
In addition to using the Marigold Cream for minor cuts and scrapes, we find that it is an excellent treatment when horses get the wet weather irritations of scratches (aka mud fever) and/or rainrot (aka sweet itch).

To clear up a case of scratches, thoroughly clean and dry the pastern area. Then rub in a generous amount of Marigold Cream which softens, soothes and provides anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action. Top this off with a generous dose of Marigold Powder and leave on for 24 - 48 hrs. Repeat as necessary. As a preventative measure, rub Marigold Cream on the pasterns after a bath to keep this sensitive skin soft and to provide anti-fungal protection.

*Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) has been used for over 60 years in Australia as a natural antiseptic because it has bactericidal activity against many gram positive and gram negative bacteria, as well as, antifungal properties.

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Large Marigold Cream, 200 gr (7 oz) $16.00
Large Marigold Cream, (9 oz) (no Tea Tree Oil) $16.00
Small Marigold Cream, (4 oz) (no Tea Tree Oil) $9.00